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Vincitori dell' anno 2020
1 : PORTALI GLOBAL24 gratis-$-sconti-negozi
PORTALI GLOBAL24:salute,turismo,guadagnare,investimenti,incontri,shopping,webmaster,coupon,servizi,offerte,$$$,benessere,vacanze,ecommerce,conti,sms,comparatori,affiliazioni,formazione.. (Hit In:0 Hit Out:76)
Categoria : Internet
2 : Preston_University-degreemill
Preston University a degree mill, there are quite a few number of these false allegations that one can see regarding one of the most beloved and enriching universities in Pakistan. (Hit In:0 Hit Out:74)
Categoria : Istruzione e Formazione
3 : Preston University scam/fraud
Preston University is committed to provide state of the art education facilities to the masses of the country at nominal price. (Hit In:0 Hit Out:51)
Categoria : Istruzione e Formazione
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